2.1.8 Version waiting for review

  • Appied new privacy policy.

2.1.7 Version released - 23 Oct 2015

  • Bug fixed that Action-bar's not shown.
  • Bug fixed that menu orders.

2.1.3 Version released - 11 Oct 2015

  • Bug fixed to have relationship.
  • Added Showing liker.
  • Modified main-image-tile size.
  • Improve Performance.

2.1.2 Version released.

First, I'm really sorry to be late. I was in the stress. and now i an working in the hard to improve this application. So keep in close eye to me. Thank you.

What’s modified?

  • Bug fixed that image is downloaded.
  • Performance Improved.
  • Appeared that the follow function doesn’t work.

The version 1.8.0 is coming soon.

Hi my friends. I'm really hard work to update this application. While few months, I've got messages from you that wanted the app to improve.

These are what I'm working on. 1. Auto-play the video format in Detail View. 2. Improve performance. 3. Applied few design. 4. Compressed the app size.

Thank you for using the app. I wish that i would complete this things soon.

Version 1.7.8
- bug fixed that the bottom bar was not shown. Screenshot 02 - Step 1
You can see the following shot after you login this app.
The yellow triangle on right side bottom of thumbnail means that supports video.
This is new function since 1.7.5 version.

Screenshot 08 - Step 2
You can see the dialog menu when you are pressing thumbnail image what you want to do. It supports 5 functions as you see.

Screenshot 05

- Step 2-1
This is Dialog view that you can write the comment.

Screenshot 03 - Step 3
This is Detail View when you click thumbnail of main view.

Screenshot 04 - Step 4
This is profile view. When you click on user name on top of detail view, you can see it.

Thank you.