I don't know when does it release.
That name is Android Studio.
I installed it yesterday. It was organized IntelliJ.
Indeed, I'm just wondering that It would be used by developers.
Anyway. sometime new tool is hard to learn and to make me bothered.
So I always think about that I've to find my tool.
it's also hard. because there is no perfect tool in the world.
That's why it has been still coming new tool.
I've to decide tool which am i gonna using.
Eclipse VS IntelliJ
Which one do you prefer to developer for android?
anyway I am trying to use IntelliJ to developer android application.
so i got new problem that is how can I add a "Library Project" in IntelliJ IDEA.
following description is solution.
ref : http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8884662/how-can-i-add-a-library-project-in-intellij-idea
You need to create a new IDEA module form the existing source code.
Ensure that Android facet is enabled for this module, in the facet settings you need to enable "Is Library Project" option. Then add this module as a dependency to your main module.
Thanks buddy.