eclipse는 bookmarks를 지원합니다만 단축키를 이용한 quick bookmark는 지원하지 않습니다.
아래는 quick bookmark를 사용할 수 있도록 지원하는 플러그인 설명과 설치법입니다.
출처 : http://domui.org/wiki/bin/view/Documentation/EclipsePlugin
-In the menu, select Help > Install New Software
-In the "Work With" field enter the following URL: http://www.domui.org/eclipse-updates/
-Press the "Add" button, add a name for the thing (DomUI), then press OK and wait for the URL to load
-Select the things you want to add. The DomUI plugin or the Editor Tools (See below)
-Accept licences and other questions and restart Eclipse.
About bookmarks plugin
The "default" bookmark methods of Eclipse ask for a name and this is often not very useful. The code here adds bookmarks a la "Borland" and bookmarks a la "JCreator". The code has the following options which can all be bound/rebound with the keys dialog under the "Edit" category:
-Add a numbered bookmark at the cursor: Alt+[digit]. This creates a quick bookmark with the specified number using a "single" keypress. Only one bookmark of the given number can be present in the workspace. Setting the same number bookmark again will clear the earlier instance.
-Goto a numbered bookmark: Alt+Shift+[digit]. Moves to the bookmark as it was set using Alt+[digit].
-Toggle Bookmark: Ctrl+B. This drops an unnamed bookmark at the current location. Pressing Ctrl+B again releases the bookmark at that location again. This is often used with "Goto next bookmark" and "Goto previous bookmark".
-Goto next bookmark in file: Ctrl+N. This locates the next bookmark in the current file and moves there.
-Goto previous bookmark in file: Ctrl+P. This locates the previous bookmark in the current file and moves there.warning: the Ctrl+P binding is a suggestion only; since Ctrl+P is currently assigned you must add your own key binding using Window -> Preferences -> General -> Keys.
2. change tap size
Prefs -> Java -> Code Style -> Formatter and edit the profile.