adt-deploy tool that help you to deploy apk files automatically you configured. I usually use this when i back-up the apk file and proguard files.

you can see the following example that i used to back-up the file or to move.

[code] ~/shared # mkdir 20131212_000 ~/shared # mv app.apk 20131212_000 ~/shared # mv proguard 20131212_000 [/code]

Of course. if you want to back the previous apk file up, you should move the previous file to the other folder.

but you don’t need if you use it. i don’t know it’s useful to you. but it’s useful to me. I’ve been found something like this. if you want more function that you need, write reply below this post. Thank you :)



How to use it

You need config file that is organized like the following.

It’s rule. [code] apk-path = “./app.apk” proguard-path = “./proguard” des-path = “./shard” [/code]

[code] java -jar adt-deploy.jar [/code]

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