in Emacs

Emacs – Shortcut (include File Management)

출처 :

Key Purpose
shift + space 한영 전환
 Key  Purpose
 Enter  Open the file
 q  Close the dir
 C  Copy file
 R  Rename file
 D  Delete file
 +  create a new dir
 Z  compress/decompress the file by gzip
 Key  Purpose
 m  mark a file
 u  unmark
 U  unmark all marked
 % m  mark by regular expression
 Key  Purpose
 g  refresh dir listing
 ^  go to parent dir
Key Purpose
% Go to Matching brackets 참고 1
C-q C-j newline
M-x flush-lines RET ^$ RET Delete blank lines with flush-lines 참고 2



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