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Instagallery – New feature

1.7.0 version

- View User Information

1.6.1 version

- bug fix (it force closes before it even opens)

1.6.0 version

- Improve search view

- bug fix

1.5.1 version

- login bug fix

1.5.0 version

- you can search tag what you want to.

- Improve performance and UI

- bug fix

1.4.9 version

- improve login-display-resolution.

- improve performance & UI.

coming soon.

1.4.8 version

- you can search other user.

1.4.7 version

- Support all of resolution.

thanks for your interesting.

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  1. Hi, I just installed instagallery. After I log in, a page pop up to ask for authorization, but there is no option for allow or deny.

  2. Hi! Loving the app but just one problem: how can I see all the comments on someone’s photo? It just opens the latest comments. I’m using a Motorola Atrix with Gingerbread 2.3.7.

    • Hi. I’m late to reply.
      Um…. I don’t think so. you can see whole things.
      If you can’t.. It’s a bug that i’ve to fix it.
      Thank you. I’ll confirm this problem.